Dear Zifa Kakbayevna!

By | 29/12/2023

The KAZPRYAL administration and members congratulate you for getting the “Best Teacher 2023” award!

Studying and teaching philological sciences became the main work, purpose, and noble mission of your life. As a linguist, your contribution to the development of Kazakhstan philological sciences has received great respect both in Kazakhstan and abroad. You taught a myriad of students and apprentices.

Your scientific works approach the hardest problems of modern philology in a deep, intelligent way, finding exact and comprehensive answers. All of us know you not only as an amazing professional, but also as a highly talented person, who is a master at writing. This makes you the role model of an academic scientist, an example for everyone, who wants to study science.

Dear Zifa Kakbayevna, we wish you happiness, strong health, well-being and new great professional achievements!

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